Wednesday, January 30, 2008 We were talking in a previous column, the next “green book” of Pochard commission and we were assuming that the issue of teacher evaluation is at the heart of this report.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008 We were talking in a previous column, the next "green book" of Pochard commission and we were assuming that the issue of teacher evaluation is at the heart of this report. Interview with Michel Rocard in Le Figaro seems to confirm it. Himself a member of the Committee, he mentioned several tracks such as the establishment of a different remuneration taking into account the multitude of activities that accompany the course: Corrections copies, course preparation, relationships with parents, preparations educational activities. Regarding the assessment it made several suggestions: "as an increase in the number of inspectors and the strengthening of the weight of the head teacher in the assessment of his team.". Although he denies talk of merit pay, he thinks that "we need to improve the recognition performance in the career development of teachers." What to react and debate in the halls of teachers … Another topic of discussion for teachers and the parents, it is the short-term replacements. Everyone knows in high schools and colleges it is very difficult to find a replacement for a period of less than fifteen days. The solution implemented by De Robien was to find solutions internally by replacements colleagues. No rigorous evaluation of this device have been performed but it is really doubt its effectiveness. That did not stop the minister declared on RMC-Info that he would continue and improve the system by the use of tax exemption and social exemptions from overtime when teachers will replace them. The unions still protest against this measure, which had already provoked strong reactions at the time of its establishment. Thierry Cadart, the NMS-CFDT, it is an "ideological" way to promote the principle of overtime, campaign slogan of President Sarkozy. "We can not imagine that teachers can add two, three, five hours at their service without it will feel about their work and their health "… violence against personnel of Education are rising. (To read Liberation). Between September 2007 and January 2008, the Federation of Autonomous Solidarity (FAS) has received threats in 1900 records, insults and aggression towards staff Education. Of the 1,900 cases in the period September 2007-January 2008, 755 relate to "insults" and "threats". Of these 755 cases, only 166 have required the intervention of a lawyer and 16 found a conclusion before a court. Then come the cases of "defamation", totaling 385 cases. Then the "physical assault", which accounted for 222 cases. In the free Metro, three principals attest to the violence which the parents are unfortunately very present. In Les Echos (usually chronicled not), one can read an open letter "To those who attack the economic and social science textbooks." This forum is signed authors SES manuals (including the writer of this column and responds to criticism including some close lobbyists World now text recalls too often forgotten truth. "As in other disciplines, programs are determined by panels of experts (academics, inspectors, teachers) that reflect the state of academic knowledge and decide what can and should be taught to high school students. As for textbooks, they are developed by . experienced teachers who seek the best means to achieve program objectives Experts and authors are not mandated by any pressure group, any faction they are the guarantors of which is essential to democracy. the autonomy of the scientific field by from the political field. "Happy reading … ————————————— 30/01/08 ——- Liberation Police soup pected a leading college for having stabbed himself in November, the case of this Pierrefitte-sur-Seine college sparked the emotion of the political class, Nicolas Sarkozy in mind. The man was placed in custody yesterday. Read more of the article Rise in violence against teachers Federation solidarity autonomous recorded 1900 cases of violence against national education personnel for the beginning of the year 2008. Main accused students’ parents. Read more of the article The school board abolished for Parisian students Nicolas Sarkozy had promised. The rector of Paris did. It yesterday announced "the removal of the school map for high schools in the capital." So far the schoolboys were three wishes, one out of their district – Paris is divided into four main areas. Now they formulate between four and ten without worrying districts. And in June, they will know their assignment. Read more of the article Paris, the school map high schools dropped in September Except in special cases, the high school assignment will be by software according to the notes, social or medical situation, and place of residence. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 30/01/08 Rocard: "Improving teacher evaluation" scoring teachers and with it, the calculation of their remuneration should be reviewed homework help
. Read more of the article Secularism, change religion: the key to the presidential speech by Emile Poulat, director of studies at EHESS. Recent Posts Our public secularism (Paris, Berg International, 2003); The Diocesan French Republic and the Catholic Church: 1905 law and religious associations (Paris, French Documentation, 2007). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 30/01/08 (a day late) Nothing seen … —————————— ———————- Le Parisien on 30/01/08 (paying) the art history taught in primary in September next younger will taste the art history next September. This discipline will be integrated with the teachings of the primary school in September 2009 and in 2009-2010 in college and high school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 30/01/08 ——————————– —————– 20 minutes from 30/01/08 Revolution in the student assignment system in Paris the student assignment system at the entry to school will be completely revised this year in Paris, announced yesterday the academy. Now, 12,000 college candidates in 70 schools of the capital, will make between four and ten wishes duty on all schools of the capital, against three previously in his district, and district off. Read more of the article A college principal suspected of having stabbed himself Senior Assistant stabbed in November in its Pierrefitte-sur-Seine College (Seine-Saint-Denis) is suspected of having himself even injured and was taken into custody Tuesday in Saint-Denis de La Reunion, has been learned from a judicial source, confirming a report given by RMC. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) principals of the school Violence 30/01/08 Lyrics: three principals evidenced More Article ———— ———————————— 30/01/08 Rue89 the media, politicians, parents: school protests against deportation Trainer, Ludovic Bourely parent of students representing FCPE in kindergarten Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in Nimes. With other parents, he opposed last few days the deportation of a family whose 4 year old goes to school in the mother of his daughter Read more of the article —– ——————————————- West of France 30/01 / 08 traps Internet explained to the parents every day, 56% of children and adolescents log on instantaneeMSN messaging. But chat online is not always safe. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Southwest 30/01/08 Nothing seen … ——————————- —————– Le Journal du Dimanche 30/01/08 Nothing seen … —————— ——————————- Le Monde 30/01/08 the school board will be removed this year for high schools in Paris The school board of the Parisian high schools will be reformed this year. A new computer by student assignment system will be to replace the former division into four geographical sectors. Now every family will make four to ten wishes for all Parisian establishments. A software will assign a schedule to each candidate according to several criteria. Over this scale, the higher the schoolboy will have opportunities to integrate the school of their choice. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 31/01/08 assaulted Teachers: 1,900 cases recorded since September threats, insults and personal attacks of Education have been reported since September 2007, including 222 cases of physical assault. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 30/01/08 ————————————- Nothing seen … ———————- a selection in dispatches of 30/01/08 Teachers absent: Darcos stimulus debate, perplexed unions on the law Fillon Influenza, training or meeting for consideration: Xavier Darcos, absent teachers less than fifteen days must be better replaced, while opinions are divided on the effectiveness of the device created in this direction by the Fillon law School in 2005. Read more of the article upgrading CM1-CM2: "gadget", "light device" for the two unions refresher courses for students of CM1 and CM2 troubled Xavier Darcos wants to set up from the Easter holidays are "a new gadget" for the SE-UNSA and a "light device," the CFDT Sgen. Read more of the article The art history taught in primary in September 2009 The story of the arts will be integrated with the teachings of the primary school in September 2009 and in 2009-2010 in college and high school, announced Wednesday Ministers of Education Xavier Darcos and Culture Christine Albanel More Article Toilets at school: SE-UNSA request a "reflection" with all stakeholders SE-UNSA (second union in teachers) called "reflection" on the toilet at school "with relevant partners", following the publication of a report on the state of school toilets and the consequences on the health of children. Read more of the article Rocard: "improve teacher evaluation" Former Prime Minister Michel Rocard, member of the commission to reflect on the reform of the teaching profession, considers it necessary "to improve assessment teachers "in an interview to the website lefigaro.fr Read more of the article a student being slapped, his teacher tried for" aggravated violence "a teacher who admitted having slapped a student in class 6th to the had insulted Monday in Berlaimont (North), near Maubeuge, will be held in late March for "aggravated violence on a minor" did on Wednesday a judicial source. Read more of the article Demonstration in Nancy against the generalization of the bac pro in three years about hundred people demonstrated Wednesday before the Rector of the Academy of Nancy-Metz and Nancy to protest against the generalization of vocational baccalaureate in three years wants to implement the Education Minister Xavier Darcos, according to a police estimate. 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